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Thinking way too much into it Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and chief science advisor for Match, said "We have a real misunderstanding of millennials.

I think they are very career oriented, so sex before the first date could be a sex interview, where they want to know if they want to spend time with this person.”Furthermore the survey reveals that 40 percent of those questioned claimed to have gone on a date with somebody they met online.

"To have a couples app that provides for real-time connection creates a presence to help save the couple from disconnection." The apps are also beneficial to those in long-distance relationships.

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Other tidbits you can attempt to use to your advantage:- 71 percent of men find it attractive when a woman is willing to split the bill, though the survey also indicates that a woman willing to help with the tab may be doing so so she doesn't feel obligated to kiss/hug/bang/go on a second date.- 80 percent of singles want romantic love.- 54 percent feel pressure to settle down and start a family.- 35 percent feel pressure to marry to keep up with their friends.- Bucking traditional gender stereotypes, 43 percent of men are more likely than woman to feel that having sex helps build an emotional connection to their partner.- Most men surveyed think feminism makes dating better.- In a surprising twist, more than 90 percent of men wish women would make the first move in regards to kissing/sex.- 95 percent of men say it's cool for a woman to ask for a man's number (who are these other five percent?

"A couples app provides an opportunity to use technology to the couple's advantage, rather than playing a role in the potential harm of the couple." These apps are extremely advantageous to modern-day couples.

"It is common for a spouse to travel for work and get lost in the relationships developed while away from one's spouse," says Ruskin.

Best of luck in finding out a way to use any/all of these to your benefit.

Apps built for two provide private spaces for couples to share messages, photos and videos — without bombarding friends' walls or news feeds.

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