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In seguito ha recitato nel thriller Effetti collaterali (2013), nel dramma indipendente Senza santi in paradiso (2013), e nel film romantico Lei (2013).

Per la sua performance in Carol (2014) si è aggiudicata il Prix d'interprétation féminine al Festival di Cannes, ricevendo la sua seconda candidatura ai Golden Globe e agli Oscar nella sezione miglior attrice non protagonista.

More than half of the boys in the original study were black and researchers noted the overall results were fairly similar for both black and white men.

The boys were regularly assessed and data was collected from children, parents and teachers on bullying behaviour when the boys were aged between 10 to 12 years old.

With annual fees of more than double that of Eton and other top British schools, Le Rosey provides a home from home to the sons and daughters of rock stars and politicians - all of whom are able to make use of an equestrian centre, seasonal campuses and a 38-foot yacht.

Cathcart retires from the fire department and wants to live alone with his wife, which means he has to get his two sons, Quinn and Elliot, who are approaching 30, to move.

Ha due fratelli, Daniel e Conor, è la sorella minore dell'attrice Kate Mara e la nipote di Wellington Mara.

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“Both groups had a lot of stress in their adult lives so the impact of childhood bullying lasts a long time.” The long-term study began in 19 by observing around 500 boys in Pittsburgh.

a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, both being a bully and being bullied during childhood could lead to negative health, psychological and financial experiences as an adult.

The study tracked more than 300 men from first grade (aged five to seven years old) until their early 30s.

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