Executive dating firms

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Some UK companies are reportedly considering scrapping so-called long-term incentive plans and shifting towards a simpler, share-based bonus system that could reduce the divide between the highly-paid chief executives and other workers.

Earlier this year Black Rock, the world’s largest asset manager, weighed in on the debate, demanding an end to rises in pay packets for top executives that drastically outpace those of ordinary employees.

There are hundreds of accountancy firms in London alone, and not all of them offer services with your best interest in mind.

With such a vast sea of accountants in London to choose from, how does one know which is the best?

The watchdog believes that 30,000 customers may have lost out due to banks failing to cancel such contracts since November 2009 – and that these customers can now seek compensation.

At least £7.5 billion is paid through continuous payment authorities every year with the average transaction being £45.

The firm proudly boasts over 100 years of professional and dependable service.

The organisation, which represents approximately 30,000 business leaders, is urging whatever Government is voted in on 8 June to adopt a new rule which forces stock-market listed firms to give shareholders a second vote if a large proportion rejects the company’s proposed pay report.

Whether we are talking about personal wealth or professional wealth, knowing how to navigate finances, keep appropriate records, and utilise expert knowledge to comply with tax regulations is imperative.

However, finding a reliable London tax advisor may not be as easy as it seems.

When I decided to cancel I faced an online minefield and no phone number. Direct debits are underpinned by a guarantee scheme, which means service providers must inform the customer of any payment changes and dormant direct debits are not allowed to remain active indefinitely.

‘The only way I could stop money coming out was by contacting my bank and ordering it to stop payments.

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