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Each of them has different benefits and drawbacks, the preservation of sensation being one of those areas for consideration.Transgender people, those who feel that their assigned sex at birth is an incorrect or incomplete description of themselves, vary tremendously about whether or not they choose to seek gender reassignment surgeries, and if so, which ones they elect to undergo.

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So we don’t know the sex of a young tortoise unless we hatched it ourselves at a particular temperature in the incubator (tortoise sex is based on the temperature of the nest, not on genetics).

But once a tortoise reaches adulthood, I find that the best way to identify the sex is to look at the plastron (the lower shell); but please do not flip a tortoise on its back, since that can be very stressful to the animal.

If you lift the tortoise just slightly off the ground and get down there with him or her, you will see that a male desert tortoise has a concave plastron, or an indented curve, toward the tail end.

Males tend to have a large gular, which is used to fight and flip other males.

However, a long gular may be damaged in a fight, broken off during an encounter with an off-road vehicle, or may even be bitten off by a predator, so it‘s important to check for other sex-specific characteristics as well.

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