Verizon dating website

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Then, presumably, comes love, marriage, a Weedle in a carriage, etc.This isn't a completely new venture, but rather a service built on an existing dating site named Project Fixup.In what appears to be the result of a major oversight, it has been reported that a server containing Verizon customer data was exposed to the open Internet for an unspecified amount of time.Verizon released a statement about the incident on July 12, but the company was alerted to the issue on June 13 by security researcher Chris Vickery, who also discovered the RNC data leak.One of Verizon’s third-party service providers, NICE Systems, misconfigured a server where Verizon customer data was stored.This misconfiguration essentially allowed anyone to access the server from the Internet like a regular website, provided they knew the URL.Fios On Demand service usage and content availability restrictions apply. Source: Verizon received the highest numerical score among 6 companies in the East in the J. Documentation of early termination fee (ETF) for TV, Internet and phone from your prior service provider must be provided w/in 90 days of installation and offer will be fulfilled via bill credit, to your Verizon account, in the amount of the ETF up to 0. You remain solely responsible for paying the ETF to your prior service provider.

This situation is more akin to a data leak, where tidbits of private information are accidentally leaked out or exposed due to some technical error.

We all saw this coming but were powerless to stop it: the world's first Pokémon Go dating service has launched and its name is PokéDates. You sign up on PokéDates' website, answer a few questions about what you're looking for in a partner, and then fill in a schedule of when you're free to go roaming for pokémon.

PokéDates then pairs up applicants, and sends both parties a time and location (near a pokéstop or gym) to meet up and start playing Pokémon Go.

If you cancel your Verizon service w/in 90 days of installation, the ETF credit will be charged back to your final bill.

In 2015, online dating sites and mobile dating apps comprised nearly 75% of the .4 billion per year dating industry, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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