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My Yearbook, which is a small but profitable social network focussing on younger teenage users, is going to try to make online games more social by getting its members to play together at the same time.

The site has 4.7 million active visitors a month generating nearly 1 billion pageviews.

I've played the game myself, and I understand how the moderation works there.

This is a game with poor quality and a poor community.

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But most of those games aren’t social in the way that playing Monopoly or cards with your friends and family over the holidays is social.With many MMOs falling into definitive gameplay genres, everything from MMORPGs, FPS, RTS and Racing games, many offer social chat elements that allow the players in the games community to interact with each other.With the advent of online chat rooms and instant chat programs the rise of the Social MMO has marked a new genre in the free online game world.It has about 1 million active users every day who spend a third of their time playing games and using other apps.The company makes its money from virtual currency and in-game offers, and is on track to make about million in revenues this year, according to CEO Geoff Cook In mid-December, my Yearbook will launch a new set of a dozen live games which will combine casual games with live video chat.

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