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Change some filters, such as country filters, to pop-up windows 4. Lawsuit cases are efficient placed in drop-down menu 6. It is not sure if people can choose multiple options 8.Types of visualization need to be reduced on a single page 9.Mane guided sex workers about their sexual health, taught them the importance of condoms, and through the NGO, distributed them for free.But the wages she earned through the NGO were not enough for her to repay the loan she had taken to leave the brothel in the first place… This time though, she persisted on her parallel career, as an educator.

I joined them in 2002 as an educator for the sex workers under their programme called AIDS prevention project (DISHA),” she says.

Talking about the same, the actress said, "This is the first time I am playing such a bold character.

And to prepare for my role as a commercial sex worker, I will be visiting Kamaptipura and Sonagachi in Kolkata so that I can get into the skin of my character.

She is a TV presenter, sexologist, clinical psychologist and fully qualified sex therapist.

She's also been a Sexual Health Goodwill Ambassador for the UN since 1999, where she's worked across projects dealing with child marriage, female genital mutilation, AIDS, pregnancy, safe birthing and sex eduction. With the help of Steve Jones, Goedele is teaching us uptight Brits about the ins and outs of sex.

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